Paradise Center

Paradise Center is the first lifestyle center in Sofia, the most sizable project in Bulgaria and among the unique ones in Europe. The main conceptual idea is the synergy between man and nature, embodied in the logo of the project and in every single detail of the building. 

     Paradise Center is the best positioned project in terms of communication and access in Sofia. It has an easy access by carq public transport and subway. The extension of the metro line M2 is planned to have a direct entrance -1 level of the shopping center at metro station Paradise. 

     Paradise Center has four zones in terms of interior design – the boulevard the canyon the terrace and the garden differentiating from each other with diverse concept and style. 

     The core of the project is a natural Garden with two waterfalls and a like with a bridge. Located in the central atrium, the garden is illuminated with natural light. The panoramic elevator there connects the ground level with the other floors and offers a bird-view to the visitors. 

     The Boulevard in Paradise Center is a true high street with a sidewalks, trees, small and large fashion storesq banks, pharmacies, jewelry and gift stores. 

     The Canyon and the Terrace are different and impressive zone of the center with specific architecture and design which facilitates the orientation of the visitors. 

     The second floor is the entertainment floor. A multiplex with 14 halls of the international brand Cinema City an ice rink and four restaurants with panoramic terraces together with a large fast food area will be there. 

     The distinctive feature of Paradise Center is a theme amusement park on the roof terrace with over 10 attractions suitable for all ages. 

     The last, third floor, accommodates a large fitness, SPA center, squash and tennis halls. Some exclusive restaurants an bars are placed there, which have amazing view to the Vitosha mountain.

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